Dad’s Birthday Present

The Reveal!

If you read the Grace Notes from last Thursday, you may have seen this picture as a little teaser:

20130122_173526So, would you like to know what I made?  I made a stole for my Dad’s birthday.  Since I have crafted in adulthood, I haven’t been able to make anything for my Dad; so I was super excited when I came up with this idea.  First, I had to pick a crochet pattern I liked.

Then, it took me an atrociously long time to find a fabric I liked to go wit the Puritan Square (I didn’t want to use the standard brocade, because I thought it would over power the doily).  I finally settled on a white, simply textured satin for the body of the stole and a matching champagne to back the doilies (plus fringe and stiff batting).

I didn’t use a pattern, but I did use a borrowed stole to help me get the correct dimensions (when finished, it measured about 91 inches, including the tassel).  I hand pieced the blocks of satin and doilies.

20130123_110039I ironed the seams flat, cut out the backing and the batting, pinned it all together, and wa-la!


Click to enlarge the picture

Most stoles have a cross at the neck, so I {shakily} added a Jerusalem cross, and I added a little message to the back of the stole.


I have have a few ideas on how to improve this if I were to do it again (and I would love to, by the way!), namely, working on my stitching.  I was so excited to give this to my Dad today.

Happy Birthday, Dad!  I loved the time we spent together today!






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