Grace Notes – Adios January!

Grace notes is the portion of this blog where I get to share a little about my week.  Just as much as I need to be reminded of joy in my daily duties, I also need to be constantly reminded of the grace that is extended to me every day.  It is so easy to get caught up in the small occurrences or dwell on misspoken words of the day or week.  My God loves me and forgives me – I need to constantly remember this and extend myself that same grace when I mess up.

Monthly Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who has embraced the new space here at With All Joy.  We rounded out this month with about 2,200 views, which is pretty awesome for this tiny blog.  🙂  Here are the top posts for this month (beginning with the most viewed).

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  2. Becoming a Woman Who Loves – Chapter 4
  3. Never Left Alone
  4. Yarn for Christmas
  5. Reading and Leading Through the Parables
  6. Book Review | Love’s Memory 
  7. Comfort and Release
  8. Heart-Service
  9. Becoming a Woman Who Loves – Chapter 5
  10. Dad’s Birthday Present

Last {week}

Busy, busy, busy.  El and I have been away from the house a lot this week, and, as a result, our house has imploded.  When we have been home, I have been using much of my spare time on entering all of the participants for Upward Soccer into the online system – I did about 25 new entries on the deadline for early admission the other day that took me about three hours after all of the confirmation emails had been sent out.  Whew!  But, I am still very happy to have a little extra job, especially since we will be enrolling El into the church day school for next year!

I am super excited to get her into the Tots class three days a week.  I’m excited for the new experiences she will get from other children her own age and from the teachers, not to mention the few hours of quiet it will give me!  Yes, I still plan on homeschooling, even a little next year, but the Day School will give her the opportunity to make friendships and work on things like sharing.  Plus, I will get to meet other moms with children the same age as El – hooray for future play dates!

Otherwise, my Dad’s birthday on Tuesday was probably my favorite time of the week.  We had lunch together with his Little Lima Bean (El’s nickname from him) and then walked all around downtown.  And yes, he loved his present.  🙂


playing in the park with Papa

Adventures of El


First of all, it’s still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that El’s little legs can support her.  She has been unsteadily cruising her way around the coffee table and semi-successfully making the switch from coffee table to couch this week.  El is also working on kneeling to sit instead of plopping on her bottom.  I guess we’re getting really close to the free stand.

Second, I can’t believe that I am already planning her first birthday.  It sounds like she might be getting her first baby doll (a Bitty Baby) from her Grandma.  It would be really nice if she would poke the doll in the eyes instead of me, a new fascination of hers.  Here’s to hoping.  🙂

I don’t know why, but El has been super cuddly lately.  We either sit together on the couch in the mornings under a blanket while I drink my coffee or (if I’m still tired) we snuggle in the bed for a few minutes.  Best. Moments. Ever.


Facebook Fragments

My life as told by Facebook statuses.  Only one this week; you would think I was busy or something!

“That is the first time I have found my stride in FOREVER! If that happens more often, I may rekindle my relationship with running. :)”

What’s for Dinner?

I have only cooked once this week, and it wasn’t terrific.  So, no recipe this week!

In the Works



Our year-long (with a few interruptions) trek through Romans begins this week!  The first children’s sermon with family study guide will be posted on Saturday (hopefully).  I am super excited and understandably nervous about this series, but I have already been blessed by the materials given to me by my minister and by the group of church leaders who meet weekly to discuss each section of Romans.

*2013 Siesta Scripture Memory Team*

Click on the link above to join the LivingProof Live Ladies (and myself) on a journey to commit 24 verses of scripture to memory for the year.  Here I will record what I am currently working on and either why I am memorizing that particular verse or what I have learned about that verse.  If you are participating, I would love to know what you are memorizing!

Isaiah 41:10

fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Thanks —> linking up with the Gratitude Community

A few blogs I read have a gratitude community where they keep count of their blessings; I loved the idea.  Does anyone want to keep count with me?

91.  For how hard my husband works now so that he might have more time in the future

92.  For surprisingly beautiful days in January

93.  Mighty wind that point to the mighty and majesty of God

94.  fits of giggles

95.  a warm, cuddly dog

96.  hot, bubbly bath and a good book

97.  long walks in beautiful places with my Dad on his birthday

98.  the joy simple sticks and leaves can bring to El

99.  dirty pants that point to a happy, healthy, and curious daughter

100.  quiet dinners and late-night talks with a husband who loves me so

101.  surprise by joy in the mundane


  • that I serve Joey in helpful and loving ways after long shifts at work
  • patience with El during those long days at home
  • my mother-in-law began chemotherapy this week
  • prayers for a friend who just announced her pregnancy!
  • prayers for another friend who passed her due date yesterday

I would love to hear from you!

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